The Children of Cyre

The Train Job

We do not do these things because they are easy...

Objective: Assassinate a minor noble of Breland.
Parameters: The target will be aboard the Lightning rail traveling between cities and is to be terminated. This is the first step of a larger campaign, and the targets death is to be very public, however we are not to take blame for it. Another organization or nation should instead be blamed.

use this space to talk about ideas for the mission

Eric: I think the best way to get this thing done is to place agents on the train who can get a more accurate assessment of the security lay out.

I think we need to frame UCOI for this particular job, they’re going to be a major hassle in the future if we do not. THoughts? Edit away!


From Tim: For our assasination mission, getting on should be relatively easy, what with the just small time criminals for the most part… You know… Arson, premeditated murder and the like… We might be able to hide ourselves well enough in the crowd to just walk on (We may need fake IDs but we can discuss further…). I really like the idea of getting some mooks with sending stones to tell us what the local security looks like two or three stops before us.

So we’re going to have to frame the UCOI. I hear we have two humans who are experts of disguise, and therefore we should be able to frame the UCOI using one identity we know is alive (the mage) and then we could try and either use someone else’s persona or the knight’s persona. We then just need to push our dear king’s brother out the window and abscond right after him.

As for getting off, I think that if we can get outside the train we could almost parachute out… Maybe our employer could find personal flying devices for us? Either that or we take over the front compartment and force the train to move more slowly… Or you know, we could hijack the train car, and detach the rest so we could be picked up in a predetermined location… Cause some economic damage as well!

The Train Job

Parachutes might also be a good was to get onto said train. The only problem I can see with tim’s plan is that it involes out shifters revealing what they truly are and i doubt that they trust the group that much yet.

The Train Job

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