The Children of Cyre

The Children of Cyre started out more as a social circle for those who had lost the place they called home. As time went on and the other nations continued to treat them as second class citizens, the Children of Cyre began making noise.

They started out with protests and petitions that were largely ignored by the different rulers. This is when the Children of Cyre started getting violent. 8 years ago many of the Children of Cyre began rioting in the streets of all the major cities. Most of these rioters were killed when the armies were called in to put an end to the riots.

The Children of Cyre disappeared into the shadows at this point with many believing them to be completely eradicated. The Children of Cyre have stayed hidden for the most part rebuilding to complete their future goals, this time not to rejoin the other nations but to destroy them.

While the general population does not know of the Children of Cyre there are a few organizations that are aware of their continued existence. One such organization is the Unified Center for Operations and Investigation, whose job for the last 10 years has been to keep peace between the four remaining nations.

The Children of Cyre

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